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Hello there, and welcome!

First off, I'm a fairly easy person to write or create art for. I don't have too many squicks, beyond the usuals you might say (or not say). And I'm easily pleased. I like my characters well rounded, and interesting, with a certain depth to them. I don't want them to be damsels in distress (unless that's how they are as characters - which is always possible of course). Strong, and independent.

So here goes...

Request 1

Stargate Atlantis

Pairings: Kate Heightmeyer/Teyla Emmagan (my personal OTP), Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir & Laura Cadman

My favorite character of all time on SGA is Kate Heightmeyer. Yes, I know, she only appears in 5 episodes and TPTW killed her in Doppelganger (which never happened in my universe, or happened with a different outcome) but I absolutely love that character. So, should you choose to write for either of the pairings she's in, that would make me very happy. Nevertheless all the ladies up there hold a special place in my fandom heart.

Rating: G to R - go wild or keep it on the downlow. To whatever rating the story takes you, it's all good with me.

Things I don't like: I'm not particularly a fan of character deaths, but should they occur to benefit the story then by all means go on a killing spree, but I'd rather they all live happily ever after. I really don't like kinky stuff such as bdsm, dub/noncon, rape. Let's not go there. Also, not particurlarly into M/M except when it's Lorne/Parrish. I don't know why that is, but that's the way of it (actually L/P is all Clairewilson2006's fault - I bet she's pointing and laughing right now, up there somewhere in the clouds, her legacy continues).

Things I do like: Fluff, hurt/comfort, drama, happily ever after, comedy, ladies saving the day, ... ladies being awesome all-round.


Request 2

Doctor Who

Pairing: Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra

Diving into new territory here. I watch Doctor Who and it must be said that I absolutely adore the Paternoster Gang (they should have a show of their own). Deep Breath was brilliant, and I thoroughly enjoyed that there was more focus on this relationship.

Rating: G to PG-13 -- While I'm sure wild Lizard sex is wild, I'd rather see more of their every day married life. The fluffy side of things, I guess you could say.

Things I don't like: The same for things I don't like for Stargate Atlantis applies here.

Things I do like: Like I mentioned in the ratings, light and fluffy every day life. If there's a mystery to be solved, then by all means solve the mystery (don't forget Strax). And all Doctors welcome (favorite doctors and companions are Ten & Donna, and Eleven & Clara - Twelve is slowly rising in the charts).


Request 3

Warehouse 13

Pairing: Myka Bering/H.G. Wells

There really is only one pairing in WH13 that I really like, and that's the nearly canon (or so we all hoped) Myka/Helena pairing. Big fan of Helena, and I always rejoiced when she appeared in an episode, or her own arc. She's a complex character and I love that about a woman. =P Complex and intriguing.

Rating: G to R

Things I don't like: The same for things I don't like for Stargate Atlantis applies here.

Things I do like: Fluff, hurt/comfort, drama, mystery, goo-y stuff, Warehouse shenanigans, team, ...


Request 4

Sleepy Hollow

Pairing: Katrina Crane/Abbie Mills

I'm curious about this pairing, and while on screen I'm waiting for more interaction between these two characters, I think they could be interesting together. I'm very happy with Ichabod/Katrina on screen, but in an alternate universe anything is possible.

Rating: G to PG-13

Things I don't like: The same for things I don't like for Stargate Atlantis applies here.

Things I do like: Fluff, hurt/comfort, drama, mystery, humor, Katrina getting used to modern life and Abbie making fun of her (like she did with Ichabod), ... whatever you see fit.


Request 5

Legend of the Seeker

Pairings: Kahlan Amnell/Cara Mason (my personal OTP), Cara Mason/Dahlia

Kahlan and Cara are the reason I started watching this show, so you could say I really like them. And I really like them together as a couple too. Cara is by far the most favorite of the two - have a soft spot for the mordsith.

Rating: G to R

Things I don't like: The same for things I don't like for Stargate Atlantis applies here. Making an exception for torture here, seeing as that is how the mordsith operate to train their pets, but should you be able to avoid it, then that makes me all the happier.

Things I do like: Fluff, hurt/comfort, drama, humor, fun loving stuff, Cara evolving away from what she was taught as a budding mordsith, simple things in life, happiness.....

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