Jun. 2nd, 2014

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Story Title: Four Times Cara Tried To Hide Her Infatuation For Kahlan, And One Time She Failed
Word Count: 1132
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none


The horses pulled the reigns as Cara held onto them to let them drink from the creek. Richard and Kahlan were off hunting and Zedd was making the fire. It had been a good day and it looked like it was going to be a good night too. It promised to be a starry night. She’d never had any particular interest in the stars above, but it always gave her a sense that lost friends and relatives were somehow looking down on her, and if she were to believe, protect her. She didn’t believe though. Those were just fairytales to keep the children happy. But if she were to believe, then yes perhaps. Kahlan probably believed it, and thus she would too.

Cara was falling hard for the Mother Confessor, and hiding it was becoming the challenge of the day. She was a trained Mord’Sith and there was nothing that could phase her. Nothing… except that one time when Kahlan returned from bathing in a nearby lake and her dress clung to her body in all the right places. If ever Cara had wanted that very cold bucket of water, it had been in that moment. She had positively flared a bright red, and had made a run for the underbrush, claiming she’d heard a rabbit.


Cara tilted her head a little, curiously glancing across the market square. She could see Richard and Zedd in an animated conversation with the village elder, and could tell he was not entirely happy having a Mord’Sith in town for the night the way he kept pointing at her and shaking his head. She shrugged and turned, coming face to face with Kahlan who had appeared behind her without her knowing. She felt the heat rush to her face, and felt herself without thoughts for several precious seconds. Kahlan was patiently waiting, a small smile curved around her lips. When thoughts came rushing back, Cara took a step back, turned on her heels and fled the scene announcing she had forgotten her agiels in the bags of her saddle. The fact that both agiels were firmly attached to her hip notwithstanding.


Cara and Zedd had gone ahead, leaving Richard and Kahlan behind in a market to buy some extra provisions. They would meet again at the crossing of the rivers, and from there onwards towards Aydendril. They had walked the horses, taking their time to make it to the rendez-vous point. As long as Richard and Kahlan didn’t catch up with them, they had all the time in the world, and the horses could do with a little easy walking after all the heavy galloping they’d done in the past few days to cross the vast wasteland as soon as possible. It wasn’t the best place to get caught in a skirmish with anyone.

“So,” Zedd turned, munching on a persimmon for a change. “What is going on between you and Kahlan?”

Cara swallowed and then glared at the wizard, “Nothing.”

Zedd’s eyebrows shot upwards, nearly disappearing in his hairline. He chuckled, ignoring Cara’s glare.

“Nothing?” He echoed, rolling the proverbial ball back into Cara’s court.

Cara stopped, her horse neighing softly as it almost bumped into her. She turned to Zedd, who crossed his arms in front of him, anticipating the expected confession. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again when Kahlan reigned in next to them. Cara averted her eyes, turning back to her horse. Zedd could just hear the curse that escaped her lips. Not nothing then.


The garden was lush and green, and Cara was surprised at all the different flowers and trees she could detect. She kept her distance of course, admiring the rich flora at a sneeze-free distance. She had been wandering around the garden for the better part of the afternoon, Richard off to the local smith to fix the shoes of their horses and Zedd engrossed in the local library. To be fair, it felt good to have it all to herself. This way, there would be no questions about any aspect of her life or why she was avoiding Kahlan like the plague.


Cara froze mid step, took a deep breath and turned around. Kahlan was smelling the rose bush, and offered her a rose to smell until she remembered the Mord’sith was allergic, and left the flowers be.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

Cara nodded, even though there was nothing else to do but wander around the garden all day, fantasizing about all the things she could do to Kahlan, and how many places they could do it without getting caught, or caught if they would be looking for that extra bit of spice.


Cara caught Kahlan staring at her, and she realized in turn she was in fact staring at her. She attempted a smile, averted her eyes and politely excused herself. She suddenly remembered she was going to help Zedd in the library.

“Help Zedd?”

“Yes yes,” Cara said as she started moving away. “I promised.”

If ever Cara was interested in a book, it would not be anything historical or romantic. Glancing back at Kahlan she could tell she knew that too. She was a Mord’Sith, trained to kill, yet it seemed she had clearly missed the chapter about falling in love with mother confessors and how to deal with those kind of infatuations. Perhaps Zedd could point a book out to her to help her with that particular problem.


The evening grew colder as the sun sank behind the horizon. Cara stood watch on the balcony, gazing at the garden where the guards were lighting torches to light the path leading towards the back. She spotted Richard tiptoeing around, avoiding every guard, watching as he silently approached the cook’s children and scared them halfway to the Underworld as he jumped from the bushes. She couldn’t help the little smile that appeared around her lips. She certainly couldn’t stop forming it, which she was about to regret when Kahlan appeared at her side.

“I heard a rumor,” Kahlan started.

“A rumor?” Cara briefly glanced sideways, finding Kahlan was wearing her white confessor dress, and swallowed uncomfortably.

“Yes, a rumor.” Kahlan turned to face Cara. “I heard that there is a Mord’Sith in Aydendril who wishes to court the Mother Confessor.”

“I never said that.” Cara huffed, realizing a little too late Kahlan had baited her right into her web. “I mean, I… Is that Zedd I hear?”

Cara turned but Kahlan stopped her before she could run away, again. She closed the distance and kissed Cara, pulled away and smiled.

“If ever you feel like more, you know where to find me.”

Kahlan winked and left, leaving Cara speechless and wanting for more, much more.


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