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Title: Coming Home
Author: [livejournal.com profile] falcon_horus
Rating: G
Words: 684
Characters: Cara, Zeddicus, Kahlan, OC-wizard, OC-little girl
Pairing: implied Kahlan/Richard
Summary: Cara and Zedd are coming home from their little quest.
Author's Notes: Written for the 4th challenge in the first Reunion Battle of the Legend of the Seeker landcommunity - [livejournal.com profile] legendland. Not beta'd (seeking beta before posting anywhere else)

The morning air was cool still, but would soon make way for a warm breeze if the sky remained this crystal clear. The weather had been kind to them the past few days, which had made travelling across the open country side a whole lot more comfortable than it had been days before when they had been drenched just about every day for six consecutive days. The moment they had left the shelter of the forest, the clouds had parted ways with all their raindrops. It was like someone was killing their mood on purpose.

The hillside gave way to a spectacular view, and Cara Mason reigned in her horse, taking in the sight of Aydendril as it lay glistening in the morning sun, huddled in the valley. Her heart skipped a beat at the prospect of seeing her friends again. She had missed their company, yet would not admit to that if they were to inquire later. She turned at the sound of the hooves of another horse nearing her position, and smiled amused as her companion drew closer, his hands covered in juice.

“Sorry about that, Cara,” Zeddicus Zul Zorander, Wizard of the First Order, said as he pulled up next to her. He swallowed another bite of fruit, and grinned. “But those persimmons were just too good to pass up on.”

“Of course, they were,” she half snorted.

“Ah,” he smiled as he glanced across the valley, “Nearly there.”

“Nearly,” Cara echoed.

She spurred her mare onwards, and with Zedd following behind her, galloped down, towards the city.

It had been too long since she and Zedd had set out to find the last volume of The Goodkind Books. It had been stolen from the Aydendril archives long before the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell had returned. According to the records the books held the power to be used for both good and evil, depending who was wielding their power. The good thing was that the wielder needed all books, and only the last one was missing.

They had chased down the clues to its whereabouts from Aydendril to D’Hara, to the Boundary and back, and back again. They had nearly considered the volume lost forever when they had come across a clue which had sent them deep into the Valley of Winterlyn where they had located the book in the hands of a would-be wizard, called Aladith. He was no match against a Wizard of the First Order and a Mord’Sith. He had practically handed them the book, begging them not to kill him.

They rode all the way up to the keep and delivered their horses to the stable master, who welcomed them home with a giant smile.

“Welcome back, my Lady,” he greeted Cara. “Wizard.”

“It’s good to see you, Llewellyn.”


They turned at the sound of a familiar voice, and Cara only just braced for the impact of, quite possibly, the warmest of all leg-hugs, as the little girl to whom the voice belonged threw herself around her legs.

“Cara. Zedd.”

Kahlan came running after the little girl, happy to see her friends again.

“Welcome home. We’ve missed you.”

She hugged them both, leaving the little girl attached to Cara, as she beckoned them to follow.

“Did you find the book?”

Zedd pulled the volume from his sleeve and showed it to her, “ We did.”

She took it from him and gave it a once over, as if inspecting whether it was really the last volume and not some articulate forgery.

“I shall make sure no one else walks out with it. A little magic protection is in order.”

He took the book from Kahlan and walked off in the direction of the Archives.

The little girl had detached herself from Cara’s legs and had proceeded to move to begging to be picked up. Either woman was fine.

“Come here, little girl,” Kahlan picked her, noticing that still hesitant look on Cara’s face. “Let’s go and find daddy and your little sister. He’s going to want to hear all about aunt Cara and grandpa Zedd’s adventure.”


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