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...which basically ruined what was supposed to be going a fun day at a X-mas fair. Was going to be part of a Star Wars costume group (our usual gang) but my body decided to be bleh today too. I've been feeling feverish since thursday, and headaches started yesterday. Woke up with one, and I'm feeling a bit crappy at the moment -- like there's a whole bunch of cotton candy in my head, a blockade which when my painkiller is finished keeping it up is going to leave me with another headache.

BLEH!! -- for short

Anyhoodle, onwards with random facts:

* sga_secretsanta has become more of a m/m fest than anything else -- yay for the them, not so yay for the rest of us.

* fandom_stockings: I'm keeping up with the posting of the stockings, and so far the count is up to 183 stockings posted. I imagine more are to come, but I have a feeling it's not going to reach the total of last year (336 stockings). Which I don't mind as I still plan on putting something in every sock. Planning on trying to write some short ficlets to put in a few stockings.

* had a noise complaint from the downstairs neighbors, and my sister and I can't figure out what caused the complaint as we have not been particular loud, or have been louder than usual, and we have been living here for a little under 6 months now. To top it off, their son whom they say has to study was making noise himself last night -- his moms weren't home so he must have thought it was a good time for a party -- but check it out boy, two can play that game!

* Finn & Faro were introduced to the x-mas tree (a real one). We have yet to decorate it but we don't have balls that can break so it wouldn't be an issue if they pulled them out of the tree. Faro seems to be more interested and has tried to crawl into it, though hasn't got far. Finn is more cautious so I doubt we'll see him anywhere near it -- or maybe underneath to sleep on the piece of cloth we always drape around the foot of it.

Gonna continue my The 100 rewatch while my sister finished vacuuming. Maybe afterwards she wants to watch Episode II in the Star Wars saga. Yes, we are preparing ourselves for Episode VII.
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...and how it doesn't exist.

What brings this on, you might wonder... posts on the Legend of the Seeker forum I'm currently visiting.

Great forum, with seemingly nice people, and I was happy to see such levelheaded posting going on. Everybody chatting away with joy and fun, up in arms over the as of yet undecided faith of Legend of the Seeker's third season, joking about, cracking up over costume choices and what not.

But today the viciousness that apparently plagues every fandom came out to kick my image of this fandom to an inch of its life.

I'm fairly tolerant (I have my moments of shame) but when I openly see people trash others' views for seeing something that is in canon not really there, then I can't help but speak up. And oh yeah, this has been known to cause me some trouble over the years.

In case you're wondering - I'm not rooting for one or the other. There are two ships that I like, one is canon, the other is not. And both would have the same outcome were there to be any serious exchanging of bodily fluids, considering what the powers of a confessor do to Seekers and Mord'Sith.... the outcome would be Seeker with no free will and a dead Mord'Sith in case you were wondering. ;)

Anyway, I have an invitation to finish... and some stuff to pack to take to my sister's place. And spaghetti to eat...


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