Oct. 6th, 2011

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So, Leverage - I'm totally into it. It's eating my brain so I just went ahead and bought season 1 and 2 on DVD. Unfortunately for me, when looking for region 2 of season 3 I stumbled across the release dates of the earlier seasons - both season 1 and 2 region 2 were released more than a year after region 1 - WHAT THE FRAK?!? - so I'm guessing I'll be buying season 3 somewhere summer 2012 (and season 4 possibly in 2013). =(

I love all the characters, but yeah Parker's definitely my favorite. Beth Riesgraf's got me hook, line and sinker baby!


So I dive into the extra's which are kind of cool. Lots of technical aspects are being revealed which I totally love. Especially since I'm doing an eveningclass 3D-artist and we have this one course about film (storyboard & script be the official name) which deals with techniques of filming, camera movements, shots, blocking, ... the whole lot so I'm absorbing this information like a sponge.

However, the audio commentaries are all done by the writers, the directors and the producers. They talk technical stuff almost 95% through the episodes and very little about stuff happening on the screen between the characters or the actors. And while on one side I'm learning a lot, on the other side of it I'm also disappointed. I don't want technical stuff all the time - that does get boring after a while you know.


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