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So, I recently signed up being a penpal at[community profile] got_snail_mail and thus I thought it to be a good occasion to get my fountain pens out of retirement. Actually one of them has never been used before.

Both needed new ink, although for one of them it would be the first time in over 18 years (!) to be filled with ink. Also, no clue what sort of cartridges I needed for this particular pen.

My Waterman pen refused to write in its first 5 minutes but once it started, it continued like it had never stopped doing just that. I also realized I hold my pen at an almost 45° angle so that it writes with the side of its tip. I need to practice some more, easing back into the writing.

Now, for the other pen, an Elysee pen, gifted to me 18 years ago, I had no clue what sort of ink cartridges had to go in it. Luckily the woman at the office supplies store was able to inform me that Pelikan cartridges are just right. Lucky me.
So, back home I hope that my pen will work cause you know it has never been used before. So, I'm fumbling with it for a bit and for the first time get a really good look at what is written on the tip of my pen... O_O I have a pen with an 18ct. gold tip - I almost dropped it out of surprise, and when my mum came in later and she was trying to make it write I almost squealed not to abuse it so. IT'S AN 18ct. GOLD TIP!!

Who in his right mind wants a pen that has an 18ct. gold tip?!? You use it to write with, not put it on display. It's a pen. ... And it's heavy.

Elysée - for elegance -> you got that right! =P


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