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Once upon a time I wanted a little space on the world wide web to call my own. A place where I could write down my thoughts, my ponderings, my musings and bits and bobs of my life and how I deal with the world. And LiveJournal was that place, but not anymore. I have been a DW-member for a while, crossposted between here and there, but not anymore. From now on, I call Dreamwidth my virtual terra firma.

Hi, I'm Finn!

I write about my thoughts, my ponderings, my musings, my bits and bobs, and how I deal with the world as a person recently diagnosed with ADD (short for Attention Deficit Disorder) and autism (december 23rd, 2016 at 35 years old).

I'm gay and genderqueer (you know, biologically female but as far as gender goes I'd say I tip to the male side). I'm a graphic designer. I built replica props and costumes. I love all animals (even the creepy ones) -- cats in particular. I love all kinds of music. I love to travel. I write fanfic -- usually about the (strong) female characters that I love in my favorite shows.

My journal contains all sorts of content, from squees to serious talks, from photos of my cats to photos of silly little things, from my frustrations to my victories, and from my reality to you.

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aeryn sun, aiden ford, alan tudyk, alex danvers, alex danvers/maggie sawyer, ancient history, archaeology, arrow, art, bb-8, boardgames, bull, c-3po, cadman/beckett, cara mason, cara/kahlan, cara/leo, carson beckett, chianna, chyler leigh, claire rankin, clara oswin oswald, cortana, creative, david parrish, dc's legends of tomorrow, doctor who, elizabeth weir, elizabeth/john, emily merchant, evan lorne, ewoks, f/f, f/f/f, f/m, f/m/f, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, femslash, film, firefly, fleur de brabant, forever knight, game of thrones, gaming, goodreads, halo, hawaii five-0, hiking, hoban washburne, human rights, inara serra, j'onn jonnz, jar-jar binks, jayne, jenna coleman, jewel staite, john crighton, john sheppard, k-2so, ka d'argo, kahlan amnell, kara danvers, kara danvers/mon-el, karamel, kate heightmeyer, kayaking at sea, kaylee frey, laura cadman, legend of the seeker, leo dane, lgbtq, madam secretary, maggie sawyer, malcolm reynolds, marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d, masterchief, mon-el, morena baccarin, moya, music, nathan fillion, ncis, ncis: new orleans, ncis:los angeles, nintendo, once upon a time, pilot, primeval, princess leia, r2-d2, radek zelenka, reading, rey, richard cypher, river tam, rodney mckay, ronon dex, sanvers, scifi, sean maher, serenity, shepherd book, simon tam, sparky, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stark, summer glau, supergirl, teyla emmagan, teyla/kate, the 100, the flash, threesomes, torri higginson, travelling, walking, winn schott, writing, xbox, zeddicus zul zorander, zhaan, zoe washburne
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